We have thousands of stock footage.
We regularly shoot beaty of underwater world and Japanese scenery and most of them are ultra 4K 5K resolution. Of course, HD and SD are also available.
There are some out of Japan clips as well and most of them are nature and wildlife footage.
Unfortunately, downloads are not available for now.
You can check our clips at our channel on YouTube channel AGG or this Portofolio.
If you are interested in our footage, feel free to contact us.

Nature and wildlife video production is not easy to archive. Everything in nature and wildlife is so unpredictable and unstable. You have to learn and study about the nature and the objects beforehand.
We have countless experiences for shooting in nature and have known well how to make it work.
Feel free to contact us. Our experienced staff will do what you want.

We are capble of shooting various kinds of timelapse footage. We shoot long term (couple of days) timelapse, dawn and sunset timelpase, and blossom timelapse in our studio.
Our goal is to deliver a creative and innovative timelapse footage for you.
If you need unique timelapse footage, contact us form here.